BELGRADE WATERFRONT TO WEST LIMASSOL COAST – If you want to lead, you must first learn how to follow.

The project “Belgrade Waterfront” began in Belgrade in 2014, on the Sava river, with private funds and on the initiative of the Serbian government.

This project, which aims to be completed within a decade, will greatly benefit the economy of the city of Belgrade, and Serbia generally.

It is a mixed-use development project consisting of 6,000 apartments, 7 hotels (including the W Hotel and St Regis), 2,000 offices, a large shopping center, public buildings such as a library, parks and museums.

The project will cost 3.5 billion US dollars.

Until now, two 20-storey towers have each been built, and the completion of the 168-meter “Kula Beograd” tower is anticipated with great interest. The project has been undertaken by the Chicago-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, designers of three of the tallest buildings in the world (John Hancock Center, Willis Tower, Burj Khalifa). This particular firm has completed 10,000 projects across 50 countries.

This project should become a beacon for development in western Limassol; the only area that, while touching the sea, has been left largely undeveloped, consisting of factories and warehouses, with industrial planning zones.

Investors’ interest in this area is very high, as it is an intact area in terms of housing and commercial development.

This area connects the Limassol Marina with the Limassol New Port; along which Seafront Street will be created.

We are talking about an area that can and should become an attraction for Limassol, Cyprus and the region in general.

What remains is governmental and public initiative. The Municipality of Limassol, and the mayor, must press City Planning authorities and other public bodies to proceed promptly with the relevant actions that will render the area immediately available for development.

There is only one goal and it shall not be compromised.

Make Limassol great!